Webinar Schedule

Tuesday webinars are at 8:00pm Eastern.  Thursday webinars are at 9:00pm Eastern.  Click expert’s name for more information about them and their topic.

 Session  Date  Expert  Topic
1 Tuesday June 3 “Survivor Jane” Back to the Basics – What are the essential Basic Preparedness Needs and How to Fulfill Them
2 Thursday June 5 Robert Henry The Realities of Barter After a Large Scale Disaster
3 Tuesday June 10 “Joe Nobody” 10 Ways to Secure Your BOL (Bug Out Location)
4 Thursday June 12 Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy Survival Medical Supplies: A Guide for the Non-Medical Professional
5 Tuesday June 17 David Kobler Fire Protection Now And In a Worse Case Situation
6 Thursday June 19 Joel Skousen World Affairs Briefing: What Are the Real Threats?
7 Tuesday June 24 Marjory Wildcraft How To Produce Half Your Own Food In Your Backyard In Less Than An Hour Per Day
8 Thursday June 26 Steve Coombes Christian Principles of Preparedness
9 Tuesday July 1 Melissa K. Norris Home Food Preservation Made Easy
10 Thursday July 3 Mark Goodwin The Seven Step Survival Plan
11 Tuesday July 8 Dr. Cynthia Koelker Treating Infection On Your Own – What You Can And Cannot Treat Successfully
12 Thursday July 10 Richard Duarte Urban Survival – Are You Prepared?
13 Tuesday July 15 John Jacob Schmidt COMMS UP! Communications Plan for Your Family, Group, and Community
14 Thursday July 17 Donna Miller Home-milling & Grain/Dry Goods Bulk Storage
15 Tuesday July 22 Rick Austin Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest
16 Thursday July 24 Joel Skousen Strategic Relocation–advice for those who can relocate, and those that can’t
17 Tuesday July 29 Charley Hogwood MAGS: The People Part of Prepping (How to Plan, Build and Organize Your Mutual Assistance Group)
18 Thursday July 31 Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy Prepper Tips for Survival Medicine
19 Tuesday August 5 Mark Sprenger Too Many Choices? Learn the RIGHT Approach to Water, Sanitation/Hygiene, and Food Preparedness!
20 Thursday August 7 David Christopher Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage
21 Tuesday August 12 Scott Moore Does Archery have a place in a Preparedness/Survival scenario?
22 Thursday August 14 James Talmage Stevens Preparedness Rules of Three
23 Tuesday August 19 Dr. Kirk Elliott Lessons from History: The Fall of Rome and America Today
24 Thursday August 21 Travis Waack Leadership for Preppers: Restoring Order during Catastrophic Chaos
 ENCORE Tuesday August 26 Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy The Bleeding Wound

*Schedule subject to change – check back for updates