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The Summer of Survival Online Webinar Series live event is over, and it was a great success (see testimonials). If you missed any of the series webinars, you can still purchase the Summer of Survival Complete Collection. We’re not sure how much longer we’ll keep the Complete Collection available for purchase, so don’t miss your opportunity to purchase now.

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What’s better than 25 live webinars over 13 weeks from leading preparedness & survival experts through the summer of 2014? How about your own personal Survival Skills library with every minute of every session… plus special bonuses contributed by our field of experts… all in the 2014 Summer of Survival Complete Collection!

When you have the SOS Complete Collection you can watch and listen to the video from every session as often as you like from anywhere with an Internet connection, or download them to your own computer!

With the SOS Complete Collection you also get the full AUDIO version of every presentation (mp3)! Listen while you work, go for a run or drive down the road.

When you purchase the SOS Complete Collection, you’ll receive access to our secure Members Area where you will find links to play/download the webinar videos and audios.

Altogether you get over 44 hours of premium survival education from Summer of Survival. And you get instant access as soon as every new webinar, Q&A session, and audio track is added to the SOS Complete Collection.

Plus you’ll discover bonus material available only in the SOS Complete Collection! You’ll see some of those bonuses described below, but we’ll be adding more bonuses throughout the summer, all of which will be added to your secure Members’ Area, so you’ll have access to everything as soon as it’s been added!

Here’s what you get in the 2014 Summer of Survival Complete Collection

  • MP4 videos of all 25 expert presentations (MP4 can be played on Windows or Mac systems)
  • MP3 audios of every expert presentation
  • MP3 audios of every live Q&A session
  • Full access to video & audio files — watch/listen online, or download for offline use.
  • Every bonus provided by our preparedness & survival experts!

 And here’s the list of 2014 Summer of Survival Experts and their topics:

  • "survivor-jane"Session #1: Survivor Jane: “Back to the Basics – What are the Essential Basic Preparedness Needs and How to Fulfill Them”
  • What ARE the Basic Preparedness Needs
  • Learn the Survival Rules of 3
  • Frugal Ways to Achieve Basic Needs
  • How to Maintain Hygiene and Avoid Infection and Disease
  • Making Preparedness a Lifestyle


  • robert-henrySession #2: Robert Henry: “The Realities of Barter After a Large Scale Disaster”
  • Psychology involved in sales and negotiations
  • Why some common “barter items” might be the worst things to trade
  • Difference between transactions now and in a post disaster world
  • Timing, knowing the market and creating the need
  • Why in some cases it will be important to NOT trade


  • "joe-nobody"Session #3: Joe Nobody: “10 Ways to Secure Your BOL (Bug Out Location)”
  • Secure your home or bug out location cost-effectively.
  • Prepare to defend any location without harming the property’s value.
  • Develop the mindset necessary for potential violent encounters.
  • Common sense steps for everyday preppers.
  • Tasks for individuals and groups of survivors.


  • bones-and-amySession #4: Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy: “Survival Medical Supplies: A Guide for the Non-Medical Professional”
  • Principles of medical preparedness
  • The responsibilities of the survival medic
  • Likely medical issues you’ll encounter
  • Medical supplies to store for survival scenarios
  • Medications for your survival medicine cabinet


  • david-koblerSession #5: David Kobler: “Fire Protection Now And In a Worse Case Situation”
  • Time to prepare for a fire is NOW
  • Creating defensible space around your home
  • Gear and equipment to help fight a fire
  • Providing easy access to emergency services
  • Have a way out


  • joel-skousenSession #6: Joel Skousen: “World Affairs Briefing: What Are the Real Threats?”
  • What those who claim a hyperinflation collapse are missing.
  • Why the dollar/reserve currency collapse also won’t happen anytime soon, either.
  • Why despite government preparations for a police state, and martial law is not imminent.
  • How to detect bogus “insider sources” and their hyped up claims that persist in the alternative news.
  • The reasons the Powers That Be intend to use war as the means of major change rather than economic collapse.
  • How soon is that war coming?


  • marjory-wildcraftSession #7: Marjory Wildcraft: “How To Produce Half Your Own Food In Your Backyard In Less Than An Hour Per Day”
  • Produce clean, healthy food in a sustainable way (that includes grid-down scenarios)
  • Simple proven system that has been developed and tested over a decade
  • Step by step process for beginners to intermediate
  • Breakdown of calories you’ll create, and what it looks like in day to day operation
  • Applicable for any region of the Continental US


  • steve-coombesSession #8: Steve Coombes: “Christian Principles of Preparedness”
  • Should we rely strictly on God for our daily provisions?
  • Is it wrong to hoard food, medicine or other supplies?
  • Is it ever OK to use force in defense of myself, loved ones or innocents?
  • How should I handle disagreements about prepping with my spouse?
  • Do Christians have an obligation to prepare?


  • melissa-k-norrisSession #9: Melissa K. Norris: “Home Food Preservation Made Easy”
  • Learn the methods of home food preservation
  • The rules you must follow for safety
  • Which methods will work best for you
  • Time saving techniques
  • Why everyone should be preserving some of their food at home


  • mark-goodwinSession #10: Mark Goodwin: “The Seven Step Survival Plan”
  • Body, Mind and Soul
  • Budget
  • Bug Out Bag
  • Beans, Bullets and Bullion
  • Bug Out Location


  • cynthia-koelkerSession #11: Cynthia J. Koelker, MD: “Treating Infection On Your Own – What You Can And Cannot Treat Successfully”
  • Infections you can treat on your own and why
  • Infections you likely cannot treat successfully and why
  • Tools for treating infection – diagnosis and treatment
  • Antibiotics – what you will need and how to use them
  • Beyond antibiotics – how to prevent infection and improve your chance of a cure


  • richard-duarteSession #12: Richard Duarte: “Urban Survival – Are You Prepared?”
  • The mind is the most valuable survival tool
  • Knowledge/skills are always better than stuff
  • Stay focused on the Core Survival Elements (CSE)
  • Preparedness is a lifestyle
  • Take control, turn thought into action


  • john-jacob-schmidtSession #13: John Jacob Schmidt: “COMMS UP! Communications Plan for Your Family, Group, and Community”
  • Why it’s important and goal setting
  • Options: Making an informed decision on what equipment is available
  • Limitations and Capabilities – Legal and technical
  • Integrating your communications plan into a larger network
  • What now? A step-by-step action plan to get your COMMS UP!


  • donna-millerSession #14: Donna Miller: “Home-milling & Grain/Dry Goods Bulk Storage”
  • Why store whole grains vs. flours or meal?
  • Why would I mill now…doesn’t it take a long time?
  • What’s the best mill for my needs?
  • Three top rules for grain & dry goods storage.
  • Mylar, Gamma, CO2 Packs, oh my! Let’s make it easier.


  • rick-austinSession #15: Rick Austin: “Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest”
  • Plant once in your life-time
  • Takes very little space
  • Grows 5X more food per square foot than a traditional garden
  • Provides food for the next 30 years
  • Never have to weed
  • Never have to use fertilizers
  • And never have to use pesticide– ever


  • joel-skousenSession #16: Joel Skousen: “Strategic Relocation–advice for those who can relocate, and those that can’t”
  • Pitfalls in the lure of relocating to another country
  • Everyone’s criteria is different—there is no one “safe area” for everyone.
  • High density population areas are your biggest problem
  • Analysis of different regions in the US.
  • Tips for picking a specific home site—often more important than the area rating.
  • What to do when you’re stuck living n or around a major metro area.


  • charley-hogwood Session #17: Charley Hogwood: “MAGS: The People Part of Prepping (How to Plan, Build and Organize Your Mutual Assistance Group)”
  • What is a Mutual Assistance Group and Why You Should Join/Not Join
  • Leadership Styles
  • How to Find, Recruit, and Train New Members
  • Dealing with Group Conflict
  • Building a Skills Directory – Individual and Group


  • bones-and-amySession #18: Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy: “Ebola Update & Prepper Tips for Survival Medicine”
  • Ebola Update & Measures You Can Take
  • Prepper Tips for Survival Medicine: Answers to Your Questions


  • mark-sprenger Session #19: Mark Sprenger: “Too Many Choices? Learn the RIGHT Approach to Water, Sanitation/Hygiene, and Food Preparedness!”
  • Knowing the Life-Saving Difference between an Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Water Storage vs. Filtration—and Making the Right Choice
  • Learn 4 Ways to Cook in a Crisis, Including 2 Meals a Day for 9 Months on $25 of Fuel
  • Can’t Flush Your Toilets for a Month? Learn Sanitation / Hygiene- A Vital but Overlooked Component
  • 2,000 Calories per Day Is NOT Your Goal- Not All Food and Food Storage is Created Equal


  • david-christopher Session #20: David Christopher: “Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage”
  • What herbs must you have on hand when an emergency strikes?
  • How do you build and emergency first aid kit?
  • Cayenne, Garlic, Comfrey, Yarrow, Mullein
  • Learn the properties of the top emergency herbs
  • Uses for the top emergency herbs


  • scott-moore Session #21: Scott Moore: “Does Archery have a place in a Preparedness/Survival scenario?”
  • How to choose the proper Archery equipment
  • The use of Archery equipment for Hunting/Food procurement
  • The use of Archery equipment from a Tactical perspective
  • Why Archery equipment can be better than Firearms
  • Making field expedient Archery gear out of every day items


  • james-talmage-stevensSession #22: James Talmage Stevens (“Dr. Prepper”): “Preparedness Rules of Three”
  • Begin with these prime Rules of Three to eliminate your angst
  • Disaster Rules of Three
  • Assuming these Rules of Three accurately define your most critical needs
  • Remember these Rules of Three for stored foods
  • Rules of Three: penalties for not embarking on the road to self-reliance


  • dr-kirk-elliottSession #23: Dr. Kirk Elliott: “Lessons from History: The Fall of Rome and America Today”
  • Identify the parallels that caused the Roman Republic to collapse with America today
  • Show how Chaos and Tyranny are birthed from the welfare state (100% of the time)
  • Show how inflation will erode America’s democratic Republic
  • Case studies of Civil Unrest happening TODAY as currencies fail
  • Economic Implications: Everyday goods become scarce. Why it’s important to acquire goods for survival and barter


  • travis-waackSession #24: Travis Waack: “Leadership for Preppers: Restoring Order during Catastrophic Chaos”
  • Why strong leadership is necessary before, during, and after catastrophic incidents.
  • Why preppers can benefit from the culture of preparedness to lead instead of crisis manage during catastrophes.
  • Adapting existing disaster leadership models for preppers and catastrophic situations.
  • Avoiding failures to communicate as a group.
  • Avoiding ego’s… knowing when to lead and knowing when to be led


  • bones-and-amyENCORE Session #1: Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy: “The Bleeding Wound”
  • Different Wound Types
  • Medical Supplies to Treat Bleeding Wounds
  • What is a Hemostatic Agent?
  • When to Apply a Tourniquet
  • Whether to Remove a Bullet or Not

Act now and you can own the entire audio-visual training library – every session from the entire summer plus bonuses–for less than $5.25 per webinar! That’s  an unbelievable deal!   Of course, you can’t ever put a value on something that may save your life someday but the training and information contained the  Summer of Survival Complete Collection is valued at well over $1,800 (if you took these premium classes at a live event, you’d pay an average of $75 per class!)… that’s not even including the bonuses!

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mp3 2014 SOS Experts Panel

Contributed by Jim & Cindy Thompson

There will be a members-only event on September 2nd: The 2014 SOS Expert Panel. This “closing event” will feature a panel of 5 SOS experts who will provide opinions on a range of subjects, as well as answering questions submitted by the audience. Only SOS Complete Collection members will be allowed to participate. Not only that, it’s the SOS Complete Collection members who will CHOOSE the panel of experts!

A recording of the Experts Panel will be made available in the SOS Complete Collection Members’ Area.


mp4Water Plan for Fighting a Fire. Do you have One?

Contributed by David Kobler


  1. Building a Fire Break
  2. A Prepper’s Water Storage
  3. Putting Out a Fire
  4. Fire Can Be Used as a Weapon Against You
  5. Fire Hoses
  6. Fire Nozzles
  7. A Metal Building Can Protect Your Supplies and Equipment
  8. Let’s Spray Some Water (Commercial Nozzle)
  9. Let’s Spray Some Water (Homemade Nozzle)
  10. Charging and Loading a Water-Filled Fire Extinguisher

pdf How Much Land Do You Need to Be Food Self-Reliant? (Report)

Contributed by Marjory Wildcraft

When thinking of becoming self-reliant, the question arises: “How much land do I need to be able to sustainably grow enough food for my family?”

The exact answer to that question depends on several factors, but you can learn a lot, and make a pretty good estimate, by looking at some scenarios that span the various alternatives.


pdf Surviving Global Governance (eBook)

Contributed by Dr. Kirk Elliott, Richard Davis and John Chambers

The world is in the midst of political, geo-political, economic, social and moral decay. Is this by design? In this eBook the authors discuss this possibility by investigating:

  • the history of tyrannical governments;
  • characteristics of psychopathic leaders;
  • the financial, political, military, social, and religious deconstruction that is occurring on the global stage;
  • the global financial destabilization that is occurring at an alarming rate

There is hope–but the window of opportunity to act appears to be closing. This is a must-read given the times we are living in.

  Gold and Silvery Mastery

mp4Gold & Silver Mastery Program

Contributed by Dr. Kirk Elliott

Topics include:

  • Preparing for hyperinflation
  • How to buy gold
  • How to buy silver
  • How to protect your IRAs with precious metals
  • Storage of precious metals

You ALSO get:

  • Six month subscription to the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor newsletter
  • The Fuse is Lit (3 part video documentary)
  • UNLIMITED Skype and phone sessions with Dr. Elliott and his team
  • UNLIMITED email access to Dr. Elliott and his team

pdf 5 Preppers in the Bible (eBook)

Contributed by Steve Coombes

“If God wanted us to be preppers, we would see preppers in the Bible.”

Guess what? Preppers ARE found throughout the Bible. And in “5 Preppers in the Bible” you’ll meet five of them – and gain many valuable life lessons from their stories.


pdf Stockpiling Antibiotics – Where to Begin (Report)

Contributed by Dr. Cynthia Koelker (“Doc Cindy”)

Are you concerned about treating infection on your own at TEOTWAWKI or under any disaster situation? If so, where should you begin? What single antibiotic would offer the most “bang for the buck?”

The answer depends on the “bugs” (bacteria) you expect you’ll need to kill. With no easy way of knowing this at TEOTWAWKI (and lacking a background in medical microbiology) how can the layman make an informed decision?


pdf Be Ready with Essential Oils (Report)

Contributed by D. Houser & D. Bess

What if there is no doctor? What if you have no access to prescription medication? How is your physical health now?  Are you ready?

This report provides a primer on how & why essential oils should be a part of every prepper’s supply chest.





Special Members-Only Conference Calls

SOS Complete Collection members have access to the recordings of these special-session conference calls.  But as you can see, some of these calls are in the future.  So not only will you have access to the recording after the call is over, as a Complete Collection member, you also have an opportunity to participate in these calls!  The first 1,000 members who connect to any of these calls will hear the content before anyone else, and gets to ask questions verbally, interacting directly with the SOS experts!

Of course you must be a member before the call takes place, or you’ll miss the interactive opportunity.


phone call Members-Only Teleconference Call

Joe Nobody

Contributed by Joe Nobody

In this special hour-long bonus teleconference call, Joe expands on the information he provided in his June 10th “10 Ways to Secure Your BOL (Bug Out Location)” webinar, and answers additional questions from the teleconference attendees.


phone call Members-Only Teleconference Call

David Kobler and Mark Goodwin

Contributed by David Kobler and Mark Goodwin

Topic:  Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics

There will be a brief discussion from the speakers with the host on the designated topic and then you will have the ability to ask your question directly to the speakers on either the topic of discussion or any other question you may have.

The calls will be recorded and available for playback/download in the member’s area. You and your question(s) can become a permanent part of the Summer of Survival Complete Collection!


phone call Members-Only Teleconference Call

Cynthia J. Koelker, MD (“Doc Cindy”)

Contributed by Doc Cindy

Topic:  Medical Prepping- How to Get What You Need

There will be a brief discussion from the speakers with the host on the designated topic and then you will have the ability to ask your question directly to the speakers on either the topic of discussion or any other question you may have.

The calls will be recorded and available for playback/download in the member’s area. You and your question(s) can become a permanent part of the Summer of Survival Complete Collection!

OK, let’s review:   here’s what’s included in the
2014 Summer of Survival Complete Collection

  • MP4 videos of all 25 expert presentations (MP4 can be played on Windows or Mac systems)
  • MP3 audios of every expert presentation
  • MP3 audios of every live Q&A session
  • Full access to video & audio files — watch/listen online, or download for offline use.
  • Every bonus provided by our preparedness & survival experts!  Bonuses ALONE are valued at over $602.00!

NOTE: purchase implies acceptance of Terms & Conditions