Summer may be over but guess what?  “Preparedness Knows No Seasons”.  In homesteading, fall and winter are times when the summer’s harvest is preserved.  We had an abundant harvest of preparedness information with Summer of Survival (SOS), and now it’s time to preserve that harvest.

So — what are you doing to preserve the knowledge you reaped from Summer of Survival?

There’s a ton of information in the Summer of Survival Complete Collection Did you buy it?  Are you using it?  One of our attendees said SOS was like “taking a college course on preparedness”.  After each webinar, their family took action!  They applied something they learned to their personal preps. Smart move.  All the knowledge in the world is useless unless you apply it.

We received SO MANY awesome testimonials from SOS attendees, it’s really hard to pick just one that represents what people thought about it.  But this one communicates a lot of what other folks were saying:

“Thank you so much, Cindy.  This S.O.S. has done so much for me, I don’t think you will ever understand. Well, maybe you do LOL. Just the learning the info has given me more confidence to try more, and learn from people who have already been there and done that.

To learn directly from the teacher one-on-one information is a blessing. I hope you all understand this is the most I have learned in over 4 years. Trying most of it on my own and failing at what I was trying to do was the worst. I have done things that I had failed at before, and now with tidbits that I did not know, things are different. I learned them from S.O.S. and the wonderful people who took time to share what they know with us. I wanted to say again THANK YOU!!!!!!! to everyone who has been a part of this.



Did you miss Summer of Survival?  No, worries.  You can still get your own copy of every bit of knowledge from the entire summer.

But we’re moving on.  We’re moving forward. SOS OFF Season is our next step.

SOS OFF Season will not work exactly the same way as the original Summer of Survival.  

SOS took a lot of planning and coordination to arrange two regularly-scheduled webinars every week for 12 weeks (and then some).  But since things are coming to a head pretty quickly throughout the world, we know it’s crucial to bring you vital information as soon as we can.  We’ll do our best to be “regular”, but it’s not our highest priority. Getting you the information is.

Unlike Summer of SurvivalSOS OFF Season will not use a “register once to attend all webinars” process.  Our OFF Season webinar schedule will be more dynamic, so we will set up each webinar with its own registration. Make sure you register for each webinar as we announce it!  The link from one webinar will not work for another.

In the sidebar of this page, you can see what’s coming up as we know it, and you’ll be able to register as soon as they show up there.  Attendance of the live webinars will still be absolutely, 100% free!  The SOS OFF Season content will be available for a minimal fee in case you miss the webinar but because of its dynamic nature and our desire to get information into your hands ASAP, we’re going to do THAT differently too.  With Summer of Survival, you purchased the “Complete Collection” and got everything.  With SOS OFF Season, we will be selling each webinar à la carte.  Buy what you want, when you want.

But whatever you buy,  just make sure you USE IT!